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A well-lit pinball machine has a certain glamour that only pinball LED kits can offer. If you are keen on improving the look of your pinball and would like to transform your machine into something even more fun, attractive, and worth every second of gameplay. Pin Stadium Lights offers an entire range of pinball mod LED kits to help you take your machine from a dull and dated contraption to a brightly lit and updated machine everyone wants to play.

Our Pinball LEDs are specially designed mods that brighten up pinball playfields and increase the visibility of the entire playfield of your machine. Our Plug & Play LED kits can be easily hooked up to your machine to add amazing effects as you play. Pin Stadium is known for its exceptional pinball LED kits that provide seamless general illumination integration to your pinball machine.

Choosing Reliable Pinball LED Kits that Work for Every Pinball Machine

The sheer number of pinball LED kits in the market today may leave you in a trance—that could either help you find the best mod for your machine or leave you stuck with too many dizzying choices. When shopping for an LED lighting mod kit, the most important rule to follow is to choose one that is compatible with your machine.

One-size-fits-all kits do exist, but it can be difficult to determine their quality and reliability, which is why it is important to buy only from sources that you can trust. You can count on Pin Stadium. All major components of Pin Stadium kits have been custom designed and built for quality compatibility, so you are guaranteed to get lasting pinball machine lighting in a full spectrum of LED colors.  Even better is it is all controllable via our free Pin Stadium app.

pinball LED kits

Traditional pinball machines are typically equipped with incandescent bulbs—monochromatic light bulbs that are very limited in terms of their ability to provide visual effects on the playfield. While these bulbs do offer a classic look, they are easily beaten out by colorful LEDs that can produce all kinds of exciting results on the playfield. Old filament bulbs also restrict lighting placement to inconvenient spots throughout the playfield, whereas our pinball LED kits can be installed in a way that can illuminate even the toughest corners of your machine.  Brand new modern pinball machines do come with LEDs but due to the placement and design from the factory, you are going to still have a dimly kit machine in most areas too.  Lots of hot spots and many dark shadowy areas, which gets even worse in the most important center playfield area.  They are unevenly lit and this causes ball tracking visibility issues.

Pin Stadium’s pinball mod kits are designed to provide full coverage factory quality lighting which is impossible to achieve with other types of led lighting kits. The Pin Stadium system also features independent control to create any color of white light (warm, sunlight, cool, and our special diamond white) along with RGB colors and variable brightness controls for all of them.  This provides users with endless possibilities for their playfield lighting all with the touch of your finger and no skills or tools required.  With multiple brightness and color spectrum choices, you can create a unique look for your playfield based on what you deem is best for your taste. This gives you the opportunity to create a bright or an eerie thematic look for your machine.

At Pin Stadium, every single LED within the system is customized to ensure quality and reliability. Order with confidence!

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