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The Jurassic Park Premium/Limited Edition Pinball can be a great addition to your collection, especially if you are an avid fan of the franchise. It features an original dinosaur artwork that was drawn by hand by Johnny Bergeron (a.k.a. Johnny Crap). The illustration and colors bring the game to life to deliver heart-pounding excitement as you progress through it. This pinball transports players to Isla Nublar with the mission to rescue park staff and recapture the escaped dinosaurs from the trouble caused by the computer virus of Dennis Nedry.

The pinball machine comes with the one-of-a-kind spinning kinetic newton ball Jungle Explorer Vehicle, a custom T-Rex sculpt, four ramps, and three flippers. It also has a motorized animatronic ball eating/throwing T-Rex along with an interactive Raptor Pen ball lock mechanism. Of course, no Jurassic Park Premium/Limited Edition Pinball is complete without the theme music by John Williams.

Although the machine itself is packed with many amazing features for a more immersive gaming experience, be sure to install the latest code updates(as Stern has made many great updates to this machine) and pinball mods to make your machine really stand out from the crowd. Should you need some high-quality mods, be sure to check out Pin Stadium for state-of-the-art lighting that’s easy to install for dramatic flasher effects and it’s all controllable via your iPhone or Android device with the touch of a finger.

Incredible features

Some of the most notable features of the Jurassic Park Premium/LE Pinball Machine is the animatronic articulated ball throwing T-Rex. If you want to create a gaming experience that is uniquely yours, you can upgrade this machine with a wide variety of pinball mods from Pin Stadium. New and better lighting will really bring the amazing pinball playfield artwork to life.  It will also give you excellent visibility of the pinball for high scoring deeper progression into the deeply coded modes.

By running the most current code and choosing the best mods, this will really bring you pinball playing experience to all-new levels never before possible. This pinball machine also features a kinetic lunging raptor toy/butyrate raptor pen target and a horizontal helicopter blade spinner upon the initial launching of each ball.

Some of the features of the Jurassic Park Premium and Limited Edition Pinball are absent in the Pro edition.

General features

The Jurassic Park Premium/Limited Edition Pinball comes with six standard balls, separate bass and treble adjustment, a stereo sound system with a three-channel amplifier, and a CPU mounted line-out audio connector that allows for external amplification. The game also has a fade to adjustment to control front speakers and speaker outputs at the bottom.

Jurassic Park Pinball Mods

Modding the game

There are many ways you can mod your pinball machine, with the popular ones revolving around the lights and audio. Changing pinball lighting is probably the simplest and ultimate mod you can do, as there are ready-to-use products from reputable manufacturers like Pin Stadium.

Pin Stadium Lights are easy to install, with their plug-and-play design. You should be able to set up these pinball mods within 10 minutes on any machine,(Plug & Play) including the Jurassic Park Premium/LE Pinball. Their patent-pending design will brighten the entire playfield and provide a more dramatic effect as you play(also included is the UV+Glow Flasher), resulting in a more genuinely immersive gaming experience. The lights integrate seamlessly into the machine to give it an updated look that suits your own preferences by letting you adjust the lights to any color and brightness level you desire.

Pinball mods by Pin Stadium appeal to both purists and avid pinball modders—whether you want to achieve natural lighting on the playfield or achieve a more awe-inspiring game with new features. They are also great for competitive players and streamers looking for better lighting for their game, so the playfield appears more visible without requiring additional external lighting sources.

Pin Stadium’s pinball mods allow you to control and adjust the lighting on your Jurassic Park Premium/Limited Edition Pinball (it works on the Pro version also!) via an app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.  So, if you ever consider modding your pinball, consider exploring their range of products, such as NEO Fusion and NEO Pin Stadium.

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