Upgrades for Pinball Machines

An LED upgrade does so much more than improve your pinball machine’s overall lighting. When you replace factory-standard incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs for pinball machines, you get a much brighter, well-lit playfield for better ball tracking, reduced glare, and overall better gaming experience. Below are some of the most significant benefits of upgrading to pinball machine LED bulbs:

1. Better ball tracking – With better illumination comes better visibility for even the most concealed corners and sections of your machine’s playing field. This gives way for better ball tracking, allowing you to see exactly where your ball is headed as it speeds across the board.

2.  More vivid artwork – Playfield artwork comes alive when you apply the right pinball mods. Whether you want a complete transition from incandescent bulbs to LED lights, or simply add a few units into the mix, you’ll find LED bulbs for pinball machines to be effective in letting the board’s artwork shine brighter and making its graphics some to come alive more. This creates a more enjoyable pinball playing experience.

3  Higher scores – See better, play better! When you install the right pinball machine LED bulbs, you get to truly begin to see your playfield along with your ball more clearly and recognize high-scoring modes better. This way, you can maximize each turn and get the most points out of your runs.

4.  Reduced glare and glass reflection – Visibility is everything when it comes to pinball. When your back glass has too much glare, you hurt the pinball playfield’s clarity, while reflections on the glass may obstruct the view inside, affecting the overall experience of the game. LED bulbs and modern pinball mods take into account these complications, making room for lighting adjustments and overall enhancements in the machine’s field of vision.

5. Increased value for selling or trading – Any kind of game modification is a huge plus, especially when planning to resell or trade your machine. Classic games like pinball have an innate retro vibe to them, hence inviting greater worth, but applying modifications that enhance your machine’s look and the way that it plays is another great way to increase its appeal and its resale or trading value.

6.  Cons: One thing you will find when using just individual LED bulbs on your pinball is that the coverage area of the lighting remains about the same but it brighter. The issue is that the GI bulbs can only reach so far, so in the areas where they are not shining it makes even harder to track to ball due to the severely increased contrast. It is physically impossible for GI lights to reach very far as they are only ¼” above or below the playfield. The solution to this is a Pin Stadium lighting kit. Pin Stadium is the authority when it comes to LED upgrades and pinball mods for all kinds of pinball machines. The company offers a range of pinball machine LED bulbs and related products and solutions designed to help enhance your pinball gaming experience. Also, you get some really incredible lights shows with an easy to install the product that you can fully adjust color and brightness from within their app on your phone. They are voted #1 pinball mod by collectors for very good reason.

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